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Cars for Rent in Dubai

  • AED 6400
    AED 5500 Monthly
  • AED 2240
    AED 1750 Weekly
  • AED 350
    AED 275 Daily
  • Minimum Documents Required 
  • Drop off Anywhere in Dubai
  • Service & Maintenance Free
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Rent a Car from Our Extensive Collection

Whether you are visiting Dubai for work or leisure having a car by your side can help you travel around the emirate at your pace. Located at Dubai Marina, Al Emad Cars offers the largest selection of rental vehicles from popular manufacturers such as Audi, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and Ford to name a few. Even residents living within the emirate may find renting a car useful to avoid the busy metros and other forms of public transport. At Al Emad, we strive to ensure that our customers are always well informed on the vehicles they are renting from us. All our cars for hire are fully insured and available for the lowest price on the market. Book today to enjoy a rental service that is unmatched in its luxury and quality.

Tips for Driving in Dubai

  • One can start driving in Dubai from the age of 18 provided he/she has a valid driving license. To rent a car in the emirate the individual needs to be at least 22 years of age and must have a driving license that is six months old
  • Dubai offers to its travelers clean and fast roads which in theory should be easy to navigate. However, it is better for tourists and residents alike to equip themselves with SatNav or GPS. Most of the rental cars with Al Emad has built-in GPS facilities.
  • Always be sure to keep a safe distance between yourself and the car in front of you. While overtaking or cutting lanes use respective signals to let others on the road know about your intentions. 
  • Parking is relatively hassle-free due to the numerous paid car parks, and parking zones spread evenly throughout the emirate. You can pay for your parking needs either through the machines provided or through the Dubai government’s mParking service app.

Documents Requirements for Car Rental

The following documents are required for booking or making reservation for the car rental services for people residing in UAE:

For UAE Residents
For UAE Residents
  • Passport copy
  • Valid UAE driving license
  • Copy of Emirates ID
For Tourists visiting UAE
For Tourists visiting UAE
  • Passport copy
  • Valid International driving license
  • Copy of Visit Visa/ Visa stamp
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