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Renting a car has become 100 times more convenient thanks to Al Emad Car Rentals. We are your top car rental in Dubai offering you a plethora of choices. Whether you are on a business trip or just in the city for a vacation, renting a car in Dubai is a must. With smooth transportation, you can have an easy time. No need to pay hefty charges every time you travel from one point to another.

Dubai is famous for its exquisite lifestyle and you can rent a car that matches it perfectly. Whether you are in search of a luxurious car to a spacious SUV, we have it all. Our Dubai car rental offers you the affordability you need.

Want to rent a car in Dubai for a day? A week? A month? You are at the right stop. We offer our customers the option to rent a car on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Through a monthly rental basis, we ensure that you have a seamless and laid-back transportation experience in Dubai.

Our staff is well trained to accompany you and offer exceptional services for car rental in Dubai. We ensure that all of our vehicles are well-maintained so you can travel around without any trouble. We offer reasonable prices for you to have a luxurious traveling experience without breaking the bank.

We’re available for our customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We ensure that through our car rental in Dubai, you can have a high-end vehicle for your travels. Whether you want to get to the airport or metropolis we are here for you. Contact us today and learn how to rent a car in Dubai within a few steps.

Get A Dubai Car Rental That Is Convenient & Hassle Free

Your search for a Dubai car rental offering unmatched convenience ends here. Al Emad Cars Marina is your solution for affordable car renting in Dubai. We are always a step ahead of our customers, providing excellent customer service that makes us the top go-to choice.

Our procedure to rent a car in Dubai is extremely straightforward, making it convenient even if you are a foreigner. Moreover, we have a 0% commission rule and clear pricing, so you know what you are paying for.

Rent A Car In Dubai That's Under Your Budget

Our outstanding services and high-end vehicles have made us a top destination for those looking to rent a car in Dubai. We've built a reputation that attracts more customers because we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Not every company can maintain a balance of quality and quantity, but at Al Emad Cars Marina, we ensure that we do. That's why we've hired experts to maintain the quality of our services for car rental in Dubai and keep the business thriving. We guarantee that you get the best end of the deal by offering trustworthiness and sincerity.
We ensure that our cars reach their destination on time, so you don't have to wait for long. Moreover, we offer you a wide range of brands to choose from. To rent a car in Dubai, you don't have to go from one place to another when you can do it with just one click.

You can create a Dubai car rental package according to your needs through our customization offer. Whether you need a car for a day or more or need to go to one-stop or multiple, we will handle it all.

Our costs vary with the package you choose, but we ensure that everything is within your budget, especially if you are in Dubai for a longer stay. Our staff will prepare the car before sending it to you to ensure that everything is in place and you don't face any trouble.

Fleet of Cars Available to Rent in Dubai


Our inventory is filled with amazing cars to rent in Dubai, ranging from SUVs to sedans to high-end sports cars. You can select your favorite one that matches your requirements. Browse our inventory right now to rent a car in Dubai.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Dubai Car Rental Services?

Discover the factors that distinguish us as the premier choice for affordable car rental in Dubai. If you're in the city and considering renting a car, reach out to us immediately. Explore the compelling reasons below that make our services a must-choose option.

Upon the conclusion of your rental agreement, our experts will promptly collect the vehicle from your location, eliminating the need for you to handle the pickup and drop-off hassles. Similarly, after processing a contract, we can deliver the car directly to your specified location.

Experience the versatility of our extensive vehicle fleet, ranging from luxurious brands like Lamborghini to practical SUVs and elegant sedans. Our diverse collection ensures you find the perfect ride for your needs. So you can rent a car in Dubai as per your choice.

Enjoy a smooth journey on the city's roads with hassle-free assistance available throughout your rental period from our knowledgeable representatives. Customer care is a top priority, and we are ready to assist you promptly in case of any urgency. Our care for the customers has named us as a top Dubai car rental.

Rest assured, our commitment to providing fully maintained vehicles ensures that you receive a car in pristine condition. We never compromise on quality and refrain from sending repaired versions of damaged cars to our valued customers.

Expect swift responses that respect your time. Once you reserve a car, our efficient processing ensures minimal wait times. The documentation procedure aligns with basic customer details, streamlining the overall experience.
Every car we offer for rent comes with a trusted damage coverage and insurance policy. Choose our services with confidence, putting your plans to purchase a new vehicle on hold. Rent a car in Dubai with full confidence and surety after coming to Al Emad Cars Marina.

Transparent pricing is our commitment; there are no hidden repair costs. Our company rejects the notion of hidden fees or deceptive practices. The one-time fee you pay is inclusive of all taxes and charges, providing you with a clear and straightforward Dubai car rental experience.

Why Opt for Al Emad To Rent A Car In Dubai?


Convenient Drop-off & Pick-up

Rely on our skilled professionals to deliver and collect your chosen vehicle, catering to Karama, JLT, and Al Barsha.

Diverse Range of Vehicles

Discover over 300 rental cars, ranging from economical hatches and sedans to prestigious brands like Audi, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz.

Exceptional Customer Support

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we continuously improve our services. Benefit from a seamless booking process and round-the-clock roadside assistance.

Well-Kept Fleet

Our regularly maintained fleet ensures both safety and cost-effectiveness. Regular checkups guarantee a smooth journey in your desired car.

Efficient Processing

Easily find your perfect car without any hassle. We respect your time, streamlining the process for your convenience.

No Additional Booking Fees

Dubai car rental can literally drill a hole in your bank account but not with us. Our extensive selection provides budget-friendly rentals with transparent pricing, whether you're looking for an economy car, an SUV, or a midsize vehicle.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

All our vehicles include reliable insurance and damage coverage, making renting a more intelligent decision than purchasing. That is why we are the best to rent a car in Dubai.

Zero Maintenance Expenses

For monthly or extended rentals, relax knowing that we cover all maintenance costs, saving you from unexpected repair expenses during your contract.

Why Choose Al Emad?

Drop-off & Pick-up

Count on our experts to deliver your selected vehicle and pick it up when your rental ends. We serve Karama, JLT, and Al Barsha.

Wide Selection of Vehicles

Explore 300+ rental cars, from budget-friendly hatches and sedans to luxury brands like Audi, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz.

Excellent Customer Service

We prioritize you, continually enhancing our services. Enjoy a hassle-free booking process and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Well-Maintained Cars

Our well-maintained fleet guarantees safety and affordability. Routine checkups ensure a smooth ride in your dream car.

Faster Processing

Find your ideal car effortlessly. We value your time, keeping the process simple for your convenience.

No Extra Booking Charge

Our extensive inventory offers affordable rentals with no hidden fees, whether you need an economy car, an SUV, or a midsize vehicle.

Full Insurance Coverage

All our vehicles come with reliable insurance and damage coverage, making renting a smarter choice than buying.

Zero Maintenance Costs

For monthly or long-term rentals, rest easy. We cover all maintenance, sparing you extra repair expenses during your contract.

Car Brands We Work With

Our Care Rental Services

Monthly Car Rentals

Travel stress-free in Dubai or the UAE with no stress of public transportation. If you’re over 22 with a valid UAE driver’s license, our budget-friendly monthly car rentals are the way to go. Enjoy the freedom to explore without the stress of schedules and crowded buses. Take the wheel and experience Dubai on your terms.

Long Term Car Rentals

Planning an extended stay in Dubai or the UAE? Our discounted long-term car rental packages are the perfect solution. Especially tailored for UAE residents who frequently visit Dubai, these packages offer both convenience and affordability. Whether you’re on a business trip or an extended vacation, our long-term rentals provide the flexibility you need.

Short Term Car Rentals

If you’re a tourist with an international driver’s license exploring Dubai, our short-term car rentals are designed with you in mind. Choose from our daily rental options, providing flexibility and convenience for your sightseeing adventures. Experience the city at your own pace and make the most of your visit.

Why Choose Car Rental?

Skip maintenance and depreciation costs. No lengthy commitments; rent as needed. Our Dubai-based car rental company gives nicely-maintained and powerful automobiles. Whether you are after an economy or midsize car in the UAE, choose from a number of brands and models. Find the correct vehicle to suit your wishes and budget.Enjoy the freedom of driving without the hassles of ownership.

Car Rental FAQs

Al-Emad Car Rental offers daily, weekly, and monthly car rental options. Visit our website to select your desired vehicle and you can see the rates.

Al-Emad offers a variety of car brands and models for rent. We have inexpensive brands like Nissan Sunny, Chevrolet, and Kia to more luxury SUVs like Peugeot, Hyundai, and Infiniti QX60.

To rent a car in Dubai it is crucial that you are at least 22 years old. You must possess a valid driver’s license as well. 

To rent a car in Dubai, you will need a relevant driving license. You can show an International Driving License too. Other documents required to rent a car include a photo ID, and debit/credit card information (in case of card payment).

If you wish to rent a car in Dubai, it’s essential to have the appropriate driving license. Additionally, you can present an International Driving Permit if you have one. Along with your driving credentials, be prepared to provide a photo ID and debit/credit card details if you opt for card payment.

When you choose to rent a car from Al-Emad, you’ll only be responsible for the fuel expenses. All other charges, including insurance and maintenance, are included in the rental package.

To secure a car rental from Al-Emad, reach out to us at +971 52 4136205 or +971 56 6803692, or drop us a message on WhatsApp. Provide details such as your preferred car and the duration of your rental, and we will guide you through the booking process.

No, only the individual who has submitted the necessary documents and completed the booking is permitted to drive the rental car. For additional information, please contact Al-Emad at +971 52 4136205.

The client is responsible for handling all fines and traffic violations. We may, however, charge an administrative fee to handle the issue.

Certainly, foreigners can opt for car rental in Dubai, as long as they meet certain criteria. Visitors need to have a valid International Driving Permit (IDP) and should be at least 22 years old to be eligible for renting a car.

Yes, a U.S. citizen can rent a car in Dubai. For citizens of certain countries, including the United States, simplified conditions apply, and they can use their home country’s driver’s license for car rentals in Dubai

Yes, our experts are available 24 hours at your service. We provide roadside assistance in case of any unfortunate incident.

Indeed, you can always keep the rented vehicle longer. We provide car rental services on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

That is entirely up to you and how much you are willing to spend on a Dubai car rental. Al Emad is a well-known car rental company in Dubai with more than a thousand vehicles available. For daily, weekly, and monthly use, we provide a large assortment of rental cars in Dubai, ranging from high-end luxury vehicles to reasonably priced cars.

Please let us know your special requirements while renting a vehicle from us and we will ensure maximum cooperation from our side.

There are only certain vehicles that are made for off-roading, such as the Toyota Land Cruiser. Please discuss your specific needs before booking a vehicle and we’ll ensure you get the best one for your requirements.

Required Documents to Rent a Car

If you are hoping to hire a car in Dubai the following documents need to be submitted in order to complete the booking process:

UAE Nationals & Residents

Original Passport or Copy (Residents)
UAE Resident ID Card
UAE Driving License

International Tourists

Original Passport or Copy
Stamped Visa Copy
A Valid International Driving License1

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