Car Rental in Dubai

Car Rental in Dubai

With Al Emad, rent a car of your choice anywhere across the UAE. Being an established cheap car rental company, affordable long-term and short-term car hire services for residents and tourists are our trademarks for all Dubai locations. With our car rental services, customers are sure to discover a vehicle that precisely meets their needs, whether for quick road trips or long-term use. As a reputed car hire company in a modern city like Dubai, we always deliver well-maintained and routinely serviced vehicles ranging from standard vehicles to luxury vehicles. From the cheapest to high-end luxury cars, we offer over 600+ automobile fleets.

Please explore our website to hire a car with all the latest driving and safety features. Our automobile fleet includes vehicles manufactured by top brands such as Hyundai, Mazda, Chevrolet, KIA Motors, Toyota, and Nissan, among others. You can avail of our rental services from us on a daily, weekly, or monthly rental basis. Our cheap daily car rental packages start from as low as AED 65. Additional drivers are allowed to ride the automobile if you add their names at the time of booking. You can avail of our cheap car rental services if you hold a resident or tourist visa in UAE. Let us know your Dubai car rental requirements and rent a car with minimal documentation, either through a deposit by credit card or deposit by cash.

Our Car Rental Inventory

Hyundai Accent 2022
  • AED 2899
    AED 2499 Monthly
  • AED 945
    AED 750 Weekly
  • AED 140
    AED 110 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Mitsubishi Attrage Premium 2023
  • AED 2750
    AED 2399 Monthly
  • AED 850
    AED 630 Weekly
  • AED 125
    AED 95 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Mitsubishi ASX 2022
  • AED 3500
    AED 2900 Monthly
  • AED 1099
    AED 790 Weekly
  • AED 160
    AED 115 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Hyundai Tucson 2022
  • AED 4600
    AED 3650 Monthly
  • AED 1500
    AED 1120 Weekly
  • AED 220
    AED 165 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Hyundai Palisade 2022
  • AED 9999
    AED 6999 Monthly
  • AED 2999
    AED 2275 Weekly
  • AED 500
    AED 350 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Chevrolet Spark 2020
  • AED 2000
    AED 1599 Monthly
  • AED 680
    AED 505 Weekly
  • AED 90
    AED 75 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Kia K5 2023 Model
  • AED 4600
    AED 3799 Monthly
  • AED 1400
    AED 1155 Weekly
  • AED 210
    AED 170 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Kia Seltos 2023
  • AED 4100
    AED 3499 Monthly
  • AED 1155
    AED 999 Weekly
  • AED 175
    AED 150 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Kia Sportage 2021
  • AED 4000
    AED 3199 Monthly
  • AED 1330
    AED 1050 Weekly
  • AED 200
    AED 155 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Kia Sportage 2023
  • AED 4999
    AED 3999 Monthly
  • AED 1435
    AED 1225 Weekly
  • AED 215
    AED 185 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Mazda CX-5 2021
  • AED 4500
    AED 3699 Monthly
  • AED 1250
    AED 1050 Weekly
  • AED 185
    AED 155 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Mazda 6 2023
  • AED 4500
    AED 3850 Monthly
  • AED 1680
    AED 1200 Weekly
  • AED 250
    AED 180 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Peugeot 3008 Active - 2022
  • AED 5140
    AED 3999 Monthly
  • AED 1750
    AED 1300 Weekly
  • AED 255
    AED 190 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Nissan Sunny 2023
  • AED 2500
    AED 2099 Monthly
  • AED 735
    AED 595 Weekly
  • AED 110
    AED 85 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges
Nissan Kicks KX1 2022
  • AED 3600
    AED 2950 Monthly
  • AED 1190
    AED 815 Weekly
  • AED 175
    AED 120 Daily
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • No Maintenance or Service Charges

Hassle-Free Car Rental Dubai

Car rental Dubai like AL Emad Cars Marina has made renting a car more affordable than ever by providing excellent services that competitors unmatch. Al-Emad Cars is a well-known top rental company that makes renting in Dubai hassle-free and uncomplicated with 0% commission, no additional expenses, and good services. So make a reservation immediately to take advantage of incredible savings for a nonstop cruise through the metropolis of spectacular skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, and vast deserts!

You won't be getting these affordable yet competitive rates anywhere for the high-end services by Al-Emad cars.

Budget Friendly Rent a Car Dubai 

Al Emad Cars Marina is a one-stop shop for anyone wishing to rent a car in Dubai for their business and leisure needs, offering services and automobiles. Within the same rental market, it is the only place that provides the services it does.

Many rental firms have emerged due to crowding and competition, but some can only keep the balance of quality and quantity. Since Al-emadcars is known for providing excellent services, its clients are a significant resource. Al-Emad has captured the market with its high-end vehicles and services and is now regarded as one of the most trustworthy and sincere rental service providers with no issue of city parking to its customers.

Al-Emad- Rent a car in Dubai provides very reasonable rates for anyone who wants to hire a vehicle for various reasons. Many companies offer a wide range of cars and excellent services. You may rent any car through auto rentals, including luxury, sport, and budget models. In addition, they provide wrinkle-free booking services. With just one click, you can quickly rent a car in Dubai with pick-up and drop-off services and full insurance.

Customized Dubai Car Rental Packages 

You may create a rental package with Al-Emad Marina that meets your needs for a better and more pleasant experience. Al-Emad can provide you with the rental vehicle you require, whether you need it for a day or a month. Moreover, the cost of these packages is significantly less than that of other Dubai car rentals.

The monthly plan is primarily for people doing lengthy business travels using our business vehicles. The lowest costs are available with insurance, customer service, and round-the-clock technician help. In addition, a car may be purchased easily and delivered to your home for a low cost with no security deposit.

Al-Emads' accurate rates, which don't include any additional or hidden fees, are their most robust feature. Given the transparency of expenses, it is the best Dubai car rental.

Valuing Your Requirements before Anything Else

We are here to help you by providing top-notch quality vehicles for as long as you want. We have experienced and well-trained staff who will provide the best services to you. Although the company is concerned about your basic requirements so that you can get a vehicle according to your budget, they can also listen to your business requirements and get you a car and package well-suited to your needs. Furthermore, we will make sure to fulfil all of your requirements and guide you about the age requirements of driving care to save you from extra trouble in a country like Dubai, where driving is nothing less than a privilege yet the trickiest thing due to its roads, high-end cars available and localities to give you an adrenaline rush!

We have a wide range of vehicles, such as SUVs, sedans, Sports cars, luxury cars, and luxury vans. You can also choose your favourite colour or type of car according to your choice. So if you want any of these best vehicles, you have come to the right place.

You Are Safe With Us

To ensure our customers' safety, we see that every vehicle in our inventory undergoes careful inspection and maintenance. We also offer the option to add child booster seats with our car rentals. The best model cars available for rent from us are thoroughly sanitised, owing to the rules and regulations implemented to curb the rising COVID-19 cases for customers’ safety. Connect with our team to learn more about our Dubai car rental packages.

Things that Set Us Apart

We have numerous reasons to become your only choice for cheap car rental services. Anyone in the city who wants to rent a car in Dubai should contact us immediately. Please have a look at these unavoidable reasons for choosing our services.

  • Once the contract ends, we send our experts so that you hand over a  vehicle to them. Likewise, the car would also be sent to your place after processing a contract. In short, you can be saved from the hassle of picking up and dropping off the vehicle.
  • Here's the good news about our vast range of vehicles, from luxury brands like Lamborghini to SUVs and Sedans. You will love to see our extensive collection of cars.
  • Enjoy your ride on the smoother roads of the city. And you can get hassle-free assistance anytime throughout the journey from our expert representatives. In case of any urgency, we will help you well. Customer care is one of our foremost priorities.
  • You should always expect us to provide fully maintained vehicles. We never believe in sending the repaired version of damaged cars to our precious customers. The vehicles would always be in the best condition. You will be Ok with our services and vehicles.
  • We send the replies promptly by considering your time highly valuable. Once your reserve a car, the whole processing time will take fewer hours from our side. You should go through the documentation procedure based on the basic requirements of the customer's details.
  • There is a trusted damage coverage and insurance policy on each car we offer on rent. So you can now choose our services with peace of mind and keep your plan to buy a new vehicle on hold.
  • There won't be any hidden repair cost charged to you. Our company doesn't believe in such scams and playing with the customers' trust. The one-time fee is charged inclusive of all taxes and charges.

Why Choose Al Emad?

Drop-off & Pick-up

You can count on our experts to bring the selected car to your convenience along with picking up the vehicle after the rental contract ends. Our services are available in Karama, JLT, and Al Barsha.

Wide Selection of Vehicles

Currently, we have over 300 plus in-stock rental cars ranging from budget-friendly hunchbacks, sedans, and SUVs to luxury brands including Audi, Ferrari, Mercedes Bens, among others.

Excellent Customer Service

We prioritize our clients and keep on updating our services to exceed their expectations. From an easy and hassle-free car rental booking process to 24-hour roadside assistance in case of emergencies.

Well-Maintained Cars

When you rent a car from us, apart from cheap rates we also ensure safety. Our team takes good care of the fleet available with us through routine checkups so that you will get a smooth drive in your dream car.

Faster Processing

Whichever car type you are looking for, we are sure that you will find some of the best choices with us. We value your time and have kept the process simple so that you can hire your favorite car from us at ease.

No Extra Booking Charge

From cheap rental economy cars, SUV cars, or midsize vehicles, we have them all from the top car brands. The vehicles from our extensive inventory can be rented at an affordable rate without an additional penny of hidden charges.

Full Insurance Coverage

All the vehicle options available with our car rental company are 100 per cent covered with a reliable insurance and damage coverage policy. This makes car hire a better option than buying a new vehicle.

Zero Maintenance Costs

We cover all maintenance requirements of every vehicle. The renters opting for monthly or long-term plans can rest assured of travel without worrying about additional repair costs during the contract period.

Our Services

Monthly Car Rentals

Travel throughout Dubai or the UAE without any outside assistance or stress of public transportation. Any person who has finished 22 years of age and holds a valid driving license in the UAE can rent a car from us on monthly basis with our budget deals

Long Term Car Rentals

We provide enticing discount packages to clients looking for a low-cost rental car for a longer duration. If you are a UAE resident who has to travel through Dubai regularly then this package will serve you the best. Get in touch to know more about our

Short Term Car Rentals

Along with our monthly and long-term options, we have short-term rental packages with which you can avail of rental deals at daily car rental prices in Dubai. This is an ideal option for tourists on a visit and with an international driving license.

Car Rental FAQ in Dubai

Why Rent a Car?

You can avoid the problems like regular maintenance and depreciation costs by simply hiring a car. Also, unlike purchasing a new vehicle, there is no commitment to be stuck with the rental car for a long 5 to 10 years. Located in Dubai, we are a car rental company offering well-maintained vehicles for rent at the cheapest rates in the industry. Whether you need an economy or midsized car in UAE, you can choose from the various brands and models to get a perfect car that matches your requirements.

Car Rental FAQs

Will I get roadside assistance in case of a breakdown or accident?


Yes, our experts are available 24 hours at your service. We provide roadside assistance in case of any unfortunate incident.

What happens if the vehicle is returned late?


In case of delay in the rental car returns, we charge an extra amount based on the additional days you have held the vehicle.

Do you provide airport drop-offs?


Yes, we provide drop-off services to any location within Dubai at a minimum charge.

What is the age to rent a car in Dubai?


Even though you can get a driving license in Dubai at 18, you must complete 22 years to hire a car in the emirate.

What insurance comes with the rental car?


All our cars come with a 100% insurance cover for drivers who are 25 years or above and hold a driving license in Dubai for not less than one year. And an 80% insurance cover for drivers between 22-25 years of age with a drivers license that is 6-12 months old.

Required Documents to Rent a Car

If you are hoping to hire a car in Dubai the following documents need to be submitted in order to complete the booking process:

UAE Nationals & Residents
UAE Nationals & Residents
  • Original Passport or Copy (Residents)
  • UAE Resident ID Card
  • UAE Driving License
International Tourists
International Tourists
  • Original Passport or Copy
  • Stamped Visa Copy
  • A Valid International Driving License

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Ryan Byrde

I recently visited Al Emad Car Rental as I needed a car to commute to work. The car was delivered to me and it came in a perfectly clean condition, inside out, and was sanitized as mentioned. They not only have flexible rental plans but further discounts as well. I don’t regret the decision, as it allows me to travel safely and not have to interact with the crowd. The process was made smooth and quick. I would surely recommend them, especially during this time, where extra care is being taken.

Susan Koshy

I sincerely want to thank the team at Al Emad Car Rental for the quality of their service and attention to detail. Had been in Dubai last week on a Business Trip and opted to hire from Al Emad Car Rental as they had the lowest prices online. I have to say despite being “cheap in price”, the vehicle and customer support was of the highest order. Best part about the whole experience was that they did not throw any hidden charges my way at the end of contract period. I highly recommend them for all your Car Rental needs in Dubai.

Philip Stan

Clean cars, excellent customer service, and reasonable prices. I had hired from Al Emad Car Rental during my 3-week vacation in Dubai and I had no problems at all with the car or their service. They were on-time during pick-up and drop-off and had also been available whenever I needed on-road assistance. Thank You!

Ahmed Muhammad

It was my first time in Dubai, and I knew I had to get a car rental as traveling by public transport was not a very attractive choice for me. That’s when I came across Al Emad Car Rental. They have an impressive range of vehicles to choose from, and each car is kept in the best condition. Even the car that they offered me was sparkling clean and almost as good as new. They also had a pick-up provision, which was extremely useful for me as I didn’t personally have to deliver it back to them. I highly recommend them, not only because of their cheap car rental rates but also due to their efficient service.

Maryam Khan

When I decided to rent a car, my primary aim was not to be a victim of hidden charges, as I’d faced similar problems previously with certain other car rental companies in Dubai. With Al Emad Car Rental, I only had to pay for what I signed up to, and there were no surprise hidden charges. I want to say that Al Emad Car Rental has completely won me over with its efficient and transparent service.

Michael Lobo

I recently came across Al Emad Car Rental, and I have to give it to them for their level of professionalism and knowledge. Initially, I was a bit confused about which car I should choose, but after consulting with one of their agents, they understood my requirements and offered me a vehicle that ticked every checklist.

Ryan R

I’ve been renting cars for a while, as I believe it is a convenient alternative to buying a car. Here at Al Emad Car Rental, I’ve found a very hospitable, friendly, and cheap rent a car service. They offered me a great deal through which I was able to save a lot on my overall expenses. I highly recommend team Al Emad to anyone who wants to rent a car in Dubai.

Samantha Jay

If you too want a car rental agency that offers a hassle-free booking process, then you should visit Al Emad Car Rental. They have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, which will spoil you for choice. I was looking for something on the cheaper end as my budget range wasn’t too high, and they were able to provide me with exactly what I wanted. I’m satisfied with my decision, as I didn’t face any problem with the car.

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