Here are Some of the Weirdest Car-Related Rules from Around the World

Whether you are a visitor to the UAE or a resident going aboard for vacation, hiring a car is the best option to explore the country you are in at your own pace. However, tourists find it difficult to adapt to the general on-road rules and regulations of a new country. While the basic rules are almost the same globally, certain countries have unusual rules in place that you must follow to avoid receiving a fine. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the weirdest driving laws in the world.

Do Not Drive a Dirty Car

Yes, this is neither a weird or unusual rule and is, in fact, something that all car owners irrespective of the country they are in should try to follow. The law is followed to the T in Russia, where you’ll get heavily fined if you are driving a dirty car. The law was created so that authorities can take note of license plates in case of accidents or other unfortunate events. The unusual part about this law in Russia is that the degree of cleanliness is left to the preference of the person inspecting your vehicle.

Respect Pedestrians on Those Rainy Days

In a country such as Japan, where politeness is mandatory in your day to day life, it is not surprising that such a rule exists. If you out with your car on a rainy day and drive through a puddle, be sure not to splash a pedestrian. Doing so will result in a hefty fine. Just to let you know, Japan has its rainy season during May and July.

Seat Your Gorilla in the Front

Yes, do not let your friendly neighborhood gorilla sit in the rear seats of your car. If you decide to do so, you’ll be fined heavily, and maybe even animal welfare parties might get involved. Such a rule exists in the US state of Minnesota, where it’s written in law that you should only have a ride with a gorilla if it’s on the passenger seat. We are not clear on whether the gorilla is allowed to drive!

Do Not Drive Blindfolded

Are you feeling a bit adventurous, well if you are – do not drive blindfolded, and in fact don’t do so for any reason at all! The US state of Alabama has a law in place that prohibits this activity!

Do Not Drive Blindfolded

Drive with Your Lights On

In more than 20+ countries in the world, you are required by law to drive your car with the lights turned on, irrespective of whether its day or night. Some of these countries include Croatia, Portugal, Norway, Poland, and Sweden, to name a few.

Do Not Stop Even if You Run Out of Gas

It’s not a good idea to start your trip with a nearly depleted fuel tank, as you don’t want to get stuck on the road, irrespective of the country you are at. In Germany, you can get heavily fined if you stop the vehicle on the roadway because your car ran out of fuel.

Required Documents to Rent a Car

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